Who We Are

Welcome to Himalayan Brokerage
Nepal's emerging stock trading firm. We are here to navigate the complex world of investments with a vision to provide knowledge, creativity, and consistent assistance to direct you closer to your financial objectives. Himalayan Brokerage was established in 2079 BS in response to Nepal's expanding demand for progressive stock brokerage services. The company is licensed by Security Board of Nepal (SEBON) and registered under Company Act 2063.  We set out on a mission to enable people and companies to take advantage of the stock market's potential with a team of diversified experts. We at Himalayan Brokerage are committed to empowering you through knowledge, utilizing technology, and promoting an ethical workplace culture. Our fundamental principle is to foster a supportive environment where people's financial dreams can grow and have financial stability.
The Vision of Himalayan Brokerage is to revolutionize how people view investing and pave the road to a future of financial security by becoming the most innovative and dependable stockbroker in Nepal.
The Mission of Himalayan Brokerage is to make professional, accessible, and transparent brokerage services that empower people and organizations to make wise financial decisions. Our objectives are to advance sound financial practices, encourage ethical business conduct, and aid Nepal's economy in achieving sustainable growth.
We Himalayan Brokerage are dedicated to sustainable development, ethical business practices, and giving back to the communities we serve. We act in accordance with the greatest standards of morality and ethics and everything we do is focused on meeting the needs of our customers. We value diversity and promote an inclusive workplace in which people can work together.