• What is Himalayan Brokerage Company Limited?

    Himalayan Brokerage Company Limited is a stock brokerage firm that facilitates stock trading activities in compliance with the guidelines of the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) and the rules and regulations of the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE).

  • What are the Primary and Secondary Markets?

    Primary markets are markets where securities are directly offered to the general public by a company or issuer with the help of a merchant bank as an intermediary who acts as an expert in issue management on behalf of the issuer. The issue management is done by the issue manager under the merchant banking function licensed by the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON).

    Secondary markets are markets where securities, both equity and debt, are traded after being initially offered to the public in the primary market and listed on the stock exchanges. Trading of listed securities takes place in the secondary market. For a company, secondary equity markets serve as a monitoring and control conduit—by facilitating value-enhancing control activities, enabling implementation of incentive-based management contracts, and aggregating information (via price discovery) that guides management decisions. For an investor, the secondary market provides an efficient platform for trading as well as the liquidity of his investment made in securities.

  • What services does Himalayan Brokerage Company Limited offer?

    We provide a range of services related to stock trading, including buying and selling of stocks, portfolio management, and investment advisory services.

  • How can I place an order for stock trading?

    You can place orders through our online trading platform or by contacting our dedicated trading desk. We offer both online and offline trading options for your convenience.

  • What are the charges associated with stock trading through Himalayan Brokerage Company Limited?

    Our brokerage charges and other fees are transparent and are in accordance with the prevailing regulations. You can find detailed information on our website or by contacting our customer service.

  • How secure is the online trading platform of Himalayan Brokerage Company Limited?

    We prioritize the security of our clients' information. Our online trading platform is equipped with advanced security features to ensure the safety of your transactions and personal data.

  • What are the trading hours of Himalayan Brokerage Company Limited?

    Our trading hours align with the regular market hours as determined by NEPSE. You can find the specific timings on our website or contact our customer support.

  • How can I stay updated on market trends and stock information?

    We provide regular market updates, research reports, and other relevant information on our website. Additionally, you can subscribe to our newsletters and follow our social media channels for real-time updates.

  • How does Himalayan Brokerage Company Limited ensure compliance with SEBON and NEPSE regulations?

    We are committed to strict adherence to all regulatory guidelines set by SEBON and NEPSE. Our internal compliance team regularly monitors and ensures that all transactions and activities comply with the established regulations.

  • What is TMS?

    TMS refers to Trade Management System which is used to trade shares online in Nepal. TMS account is an account that is required if you want to start investing or selling your stocks, bonds, and other investments.
    You need the following document details to open a TMS account;
    1)    Personal Information
    2)    Three Generation details
    3)    Address Details
    4)    Bank Account Details
    5)    Application Photo
    6)    Citizenship photocopy
    7)    Photo of your signature

  • What is Mero Share and Demat account?

    Mero Share is an online platform where stock trading investors in the Nepalese Capital Market apply for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) of various companies, transfer existing shares, view their portfolio and transaction history, and pledge to share information.

    A dematerialized (DEMAT) account is one in which the account holder’s shares are held in his or her name. Opening a DEMAT account with one of the Depositary Participant (DP) authorized by the Central Depository System and Clearing Limited is one of the requirements for participating in both primary and secondary markets (CDSC).

  • How can I open a Demat Account?

    Demat Account can be opened through depository banks and financial institutions, merchant banks, and broker companies with permission from the Securities and Exchange Board to act as depository participants (DP). It is the same as the process of opening an account in a bank.

    The following steps show the process of opening a demat account in Nepal:

    1)Fill out an account opening form to open a Demat account. This includes personal information, contact information, passport-size photo, citizenship, and PAN. The account opening form also includes the Depository Participants and Investors agreement comprised of terms of agreement, regulation, and charges.
    2)Submit a copy of identity, and passport size photo along with a form for verification. Appearing in person might be required for the verification process.
    3)After verification of all the documents, a demat account number will be generated. It is also known as Beneficiary Owner ID BOID) and can be used for accessing accounts, and buying/selling/applying shares.

  • How can I open an account with Himalayan Brokerage Company Limited?

    To open an account with us, you can visit our office and fill out the account opening forms. Make sure to provide all the required documents, including identification and address proof.