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Welcome to Himalayan Brokerage Company,

Nepal's emerging stock trading firm. We are here to navigate the complex world of investments with a vision to provide knowledge, creativity, and consistent assistance to direct you closer to your financial objectives.
We at Himalayan Brokerage are committed to empowering you through knowledge, utilising technology, and promoting an ethical workplace culture.
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Himalayan Brokerage Company Ltd.
Himalayan Brokerage Company Ltd.
What We’re Offering

Services we’re offering to our customers

Depository Service
Depository Service
We are registered Depository participant of CDS and Clearing Limited, the centralized Depository in Nepal.
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Brokerage Service
Brokerage Service

We are licensed brokerage firm by Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) and we are here to provide our client with the best broker experiences. 

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Frequently asked questions

  • How does Himalayan Brokerage Company Limited ensure compliance with SEBON and NEPSE regulations?

    We are committed to strict adherence to all regulatory guidelines set by SEBON and NEPSE. Our internal compliance team regularly monitors and ensures that all transactions and activities comply with the established regulations.

  • How can I stay updated on market trends and stock information?

    We provide regular market updates, research reports, and other relevant information on our website. Additionally, you can subscribe to our newsletters and follow our social media channels for real-time updates.

  • What are the trading hours of Himalayan Brokerage Company Limited?

    Our trading hours align with the regular market hours as determined by NEPSE. You can find the specific timings on our website or contact our customer support.

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